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FFC™ is ideal for many applications in different areas: for instance, like in the case of decorative door frames, aluminum-wood frame profiles, skirting, wall paneling, profiles in general – especially if complex – it becomes an alternative and a substitute of WPC or of other thermoplastic material and, above all, wins over MDF ad comparison. Its properties have definitively eliminated the many problems that were still to be solved, such as the profiles deformation due to water infiltration or the dimensional stability. This composite material consists of thermoplastic material charged with natural fibers and lightened with closed cells expansion, thus allowing to obtain a profile that is: monomaterial, with a mass expanded with microcells inside a smooth and rigid surface; “ultra-light”, with a specific weight to levels such as 0.6/0.7 g./cm³, therefore reducing the cost; workable just like wood (planning, gluing, veneering, screwing, milling and nailing, and it allows to directly cover, paint and lacquer); Eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable; Self-extinguishing, UL94 VO class fire rating achieved; it has excellent physical and mechanical characteristics such as dimensional stability, resistance to humidity; it has a good elasticity level (thus allowing to process curved surfaces as well), thermal and acoustic insulation that makes it ideal for redeployment of energy because it's conform to European efficiency parameters.

In furniture and furnishings field it offers the possibility of developing innovative solutions, becoming a substitute of traditional wood profiles. Preserving a natural and warm aesthetic feeling, FFC™ has better technical characteristics and eliminates the many problems that were still to be solved: it doesn’t deteriorate, doesn’t need any maintenance, doesn’t change his color on corners or on humid parts, it’s antibacterial. It’s ideal for innovative solutions because FFC™ technology allows to create very complex profiles with, for example, acute angle section for special links, not suitable for wood. Aesthetic surface finishing allows to combine the FFC™ profile with other wood, MDF or other furnishing elements according to color, aesthetic aspect, wood effect, surface brightness/opacity or “gloss”, thanks to finishing materials.

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