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Always interested in research, for the first time Friul Filiere Spa not only realized the tooling, but also developed the complete technology for the extrusion of a new material named FFC™: the ultra-light composite material. The world patent includes all technological, formulation, plant and process aspects, right through to the final product.

Today the company offers a technology that brings customers to a new working context: with our support, everyone in his field can image and design an FFC™ application for creating an innovative product in door frame, furniture and interior decoration field. The customer’s experience in his own market combined with Friul Filiere technology and extrusion machineries could realize competitive, economical, eco-friendly and innovative products.
© Friul Filiere Spa
Via Polvaries, 21
33030 Buja (UD) - Italy

Tel. +39 0432 961811
P.IVA 00609420302
Rea n° 141616
Cap. Soc. € 800.000,00
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